2015 - Jeff Wall: In Order to Make a Picture (Documentary) (Producer)

In Order to Make a Picture, examines this world-renowned photographers unique synthesis of art history, painting and cinema, in his defiant creation of the modernist photograph.

2015 - Hadwin’s Judgement (Documentary) (Producer)

Docudrama about the maverick Canadian logger, Grant Hadwin, who became increasingly disillusioned with the logging industry.

2013 - Out of The Woods (Documentary) (Producer)

A meditation on the parallels of our tenuous relationship to nature, in particular the forests of BC, and our relationship to elder people in modern North American society at this critical time for our planet.

2013 - Pilgrims (Short) (Producer)

A drowning German Tourist re-counts key moments in his day that begin to unravel and re-shape into a pilgrimage through identity, death, love, and transformation.

2006 - Everything’s Gone Green (Producer)

Ryan, a good-natured slacker, is tempted into a money laundering scheme while working for a lottery magazine. A capitalistic comedy that asks the question - when is "enough" enough?

2005 - Miss Texas (TV Movie) (Producer)

2004 - It’s All Gone Pete Tong (Producer)

A famous DJ in the Ibiza club scene finds the alcohol and drug-fueled party that is his life threatened by the progressive loss of his hearing.

2001 - Mile Zero (Executive Producer)

Mile Zero is a story about a father with a remarkable capacity to love.

2000 - Desire (Producer)

A teacher falls in love with a pianist who turns out to be a dangerous psychopath.

1997 - Bp Pushing Boundaries (Documentary) (Producer) 

1996 - Shoemaker (Producer)

1995 - The Feeler (Short) (Producer)